Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well, it's official-I'm blog-sessed. I've been spending every spare minute I've had over the last few days perusing far away first grade teacher blogs. Who knew that this other world existed in which I could borrow and share ideas, and feel validated in all the stress and fun that comes along with teaching 21 six-year-olds?

Anyway, my boyfriend, Stephen, and I went to the Goodwill today after a beautiful drive out to a evenmorebeautiful nearby city. I went in search of some sort of chair/beanbag/laundry basket/seating device that would be unique and small enough to stick in my classroom as a *new* and exciting read-to-self choice. What I found can only be described as a mushroom or a tuffet-Little Miss Muffet style:

I know. Yuck.

Stephen liked it, too, but I remember telling him at some point, "You have to see things for the potential they have, not for what they are right now." Life lessons at the Goodwill.

So, I drug him to the fabric store where I picked up some fantastic black and red print fabric. (Side note- I use red dish bins in my classroom for centers, turn in box, etc, and the flowers on this material are the exact color red. And I love when things match). I had a vague idea of how I would attach it- nails and glue-  just like when they made it in the 70s. Ha! It was a nice thought, but I hammered one nail about halfway into the little thing and that took a good five minutes. Lucky for me, the glue gun was on my side. And this is what it looks like now: 

So much better now! And, I did it all while watching two episodes of Roseanne on Netflix. :) Frankie Bambino (that's my newly adopted sweetheart of a cat) only tried scratching at it once...and another time fell over and purred after he smelled it (doesn't smell to me, but who knows where it came from and what he senses...). Stephen says it's going to be the new hot spot for read to self. I think he's right.

Now, what can I re-cover next?